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Traditional Gung Fu Weapons in the War Against Today’s Bad Guys

Traditional Gung Fu Weapons in the War Against Today’s Bad Guys

Yes. Double-ended staff, trident (sort of), and other weapons are still used by police  security, especially in metro and train stations.

Relatively recently there have been few quite horrible knife mass attacks in China, so the Chinese government has instilled strict security features – scanners, guards, and – various weapons.  Continue reading

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Incorrect Names in the Classical “Tiger Crane Double Form Manual”

Incorrect Names in the Classical “Tiger Crane Double Form Manual”Jyu Yuk Jai’s Tiger Crane Double Form book was the first “Lam Sai Wing’s” manual ever published.

112 drawings of Grand Master Lam Sai Wing, poetical 4 character names for all of the techniques, detailed description of the set, as well as combat sequences.

For all of us Hung Ga Kyun practitioners today it is a rich source of useful and interesting information, but – we should not forget that Jyu Yu Jai was mainly novelist who helped to popularize the Wong Fei Hung’s lineage, although he did learn from Lam Sai Wing and taught the art of Hung Kyun. Not all information is 100% reliable.

During the years of research we have identified some mistakes and inaccuracies in the original Fu Hok Seung Ying manual. Continue reading

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Quick Info and a Favor

We’re very close to finishing our first long awaited online course called PHK Minimum: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts. 

We have been working on this project very intensive for last few moths, but we are finally going to wrap it up and release it in the summer 2016.

Our first online course will be focused both on beginning students, or  intermediate/advanced students, frustrated with the lack of results following their current training program.

Our PHK Minimum will present samples of the most important basic exercises, training methods and principles from our extensive PHK curriculum – those fundamental exercises that will bring the best results in the shortest time, be it good health, mobility, flexibility, strength, stamina, as well as self-defense skills.

PHK Intro Kit: Online Instructional Videos

PHK Minimum online course will include 3 main instructional videos: Fundamental Exercises, Strength & Conditioning, Application & Free Fighting, plus accompanying and detailed .pdf manuals (and couple of other bonuses). The course will also include a dozen of theoretical lessons, answering the most common questions, plus a downloadable calligraphy – traditional Chinese saying, explaining the most important principles of Chinese martial arts training. Each lesson will finish with short quiz.

However, we need your help. Before we finalize everything and launch the course, we need to make sure we covered everything.

That is where we need your help. Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey – there is really only one thing we want to ask you…

What is your top question about Chinese martial arts training that we absolutely need to answer in our PHK Minimum online course? 

Please let us know using the email form below! 

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Would you like to see a sneak preview of the PHK Intro Kit? Click HERE!

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Grand Master Chan Hon Chung performs “Tiger and Crane Double Form” [Rare Video]

Grand Master Chan Hon Chung performs"Tiger and Crane Double Form" [Rare Video]

Rare video of Grand Master Chan Hon Chung performing the famous “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” of Hung Ga Kyun.

The footage comes from an old French documentary. Continue reading

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New Ebook Release – Chan Hon Chung’s Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual

Chan Hon Chung's Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual

Our Man Mou Publishing is proud to announce a new ebook release – special collector’s  edition  of Chan Hon Chung’s Tiger and Crane Double Form Set Manual!

Many masters consider Fu Hok Seung Ying to be a complete system on its own. As the famous  saying goes: “Combination of Tiger and Crane has no enemy in the world!” (Fu Hok Hap Yat, Tin Ha Mou Dik).

“Tiger and Crane Double Form Set” has been the subject of numerous books, the first being a classic “Lam Sai Wing’s” manual written by Jyu Yuk Jai, Grand Master Lam’s disciple.

Legendary New Martial Hero Magazine has published in 1970s a rare photo series of Grand Master Chan Hon Chung, performing the “Tiger and Crane Double Form Set”. Today we have the honor to bring you a complete and restored edition of all photos (plus bonuses). Continue reading

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