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Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 3 – “Hand”

Hung Ga Kyun Concepts: “Four Arrivals”, Part 3 – “Hand”

Hung Ga Kyun “Four Arrivals” is one one the key practical concepts, handed down from Grand Master Lam Sai Wing.

We have already covered correct mindset (Sam Dou) and situational awareness (Muk Dou) – time for action, time to strike the adversary, fast and hard!

Third part of the article is dedicated to “Hand Arrival” (Sau Dou): Continue reading

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Hung Ga Kyun Quiz! What Hung Ga Animal Are YOU?

Hung Ga Kyun quiz

Hung Ga Kyun’s “Five Animals” (Ng Ying): Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Crane!

Have you ever wondered what kind of Hung Ga Animal are you?

Check out the entertaining quiz below and find out!

SO, what Hung Ga Animal are YOU? Continue reading

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How to Unlock Your Martial Power

Shaolin CrawlingFor the martial artist looking to improve his craft, there are a few bare essentials you need – apart from your actual martial arts practice – that will help propel you toward and beyond your goals.  A healthy level of strength and a good program for all-over conditioning.

The more time you spend doing other exercises, the less time you get to practice your art.  And each strength and conditioning movement you practice should ideally have a strong carryover into your striking, kicking, grappling, etc. Continue reading

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