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Fourth Lam Sai Wing’s Manual?

"Extraordinary Book of Tiger Crane School Complete Skills"Question: Pavel Macek Sifu, Hello!

Congratulations to your webpage. I have studied the Hung system, but unfortunately, my mentor has passed away.

I know that Grand Master Lam Sai Wing has written 3 books on Hung Ga Kyun. I have also heard that there is a fourth book, dedicated to special training methods.

Do you know this book please? Where can it be obtained?


Fabian U.

 Answer:  As for so called “Lam Sai Wing’s Manuals”, there are many misconceptions .

First of all, none of them was written by Lam Sai Wing – most of them were written by his student Jyu Yu Jai, with help of other classmates. Continue reading

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Hung Ga “Tiger and Crane Double Form” Manual: Please Support the Online Translation Project!

Hung Ga "Tiger and Crane Double Form" Manual: Please Support the Online Translation! Lam Sai Wing’s  “Tiger and Crane Double Form” (Fu Hok Seung Ying) manual, translated and published online on our website? Free?

What do you think about that?

Couple of years ago, Southern Fist Online Community Forum (now offline) run a highly succesful series on “Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern” (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun); not exactly a translation of the original manual (we are fortunate to finally have one), but step-by-step discussion of all the moves. Continue reading

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The Secret of “One Finger” (…and Life)

The Secret of "One Finger Bridge Hand" (...and Life)“Do you know what the secret of life is?”

“No, what?”


“Your finger?”

“One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean shit.”

“But, what is the “one thing?”


(Check out the video  below to find the answer!) Continue reading

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Extensive Hung Ga Kyun Documentary (1 Hour Long Video with English Subtitles)

Hung Ga Kyn Extensive Documentary Video

Check out an extensive Chinese documentary (with English subtitles) dedicated to Southern Hung Ga Kyun!

1 hour overview of various rare lineages of Hung Ga Kyun, quest of finding the legendary “First Patriarch” Hung Hei Gun, interviews with old Hung Kyun Masters, stories of challenge fights and revolutionary battles, and more!

Continue reading

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An Interview with Pavel Macek Sifu

An Interview with Pavel Macek SifuI know Wallace Smedley Sifu from cyberspace for a long time, especially from discussions on various Chinese martial arts forums.

I am also a regular reader of his excellent blog, dedicated to critical thinking, practical martial arts and self-protection.

When Wallace asked me for an interview, I was very pleased. He has asked some excellent questions, and here is the result – An Interview with Pavel Macek Sifu.

Some of the subjects we have covered: Continue reading

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