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Practical Hung Kyun 2013 Résumé and Plans for 2014

Practical Hung Kyun 2013-2014

 Practical Hung Kyun 2014: What is Coming Next?

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„Ng Long’s Eight Trigram Long Pole Sparring Set“ [RARE VIDEO]

„Ng Long’s Eight Trigram Long Pole Sparring Set“ (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan Deui Chaak)„Ng Long’s Eight Trigram Long Pole Sparring Set“ (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan Deui Chaak) was composed by Lam family Hung Kyun’s first patriarch , Grand Master Lam Sai Wing. It complements and expands the application drills from the original Baat Gwa Gwan set.

Long pole sparring set consists of eight technique combinations , covering all basic angles and directions. All drills are separated by so Yam-Yeung Gwan, lower/upper clash of the poles. The drills are taught separately first, and later they are joined to a set for better remembering: Continue reading

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Flexibility Training for Martial Arts

Flexibility and stretching for martial artsQuestion:  What I am struggling with the most is gaining flexibility . Any suggestion in that particular area is most welcome.

Charles H.

Answer: Flexibility and mobility training is one fo the most important aspects of martial arts training, yet greatly misunderstood as well.

Practitioners waste a lot of time on unimportant and basically useless exercises and aims, like achieving a side split – absolutely not necessary for Hung Kyun or most other martial arts, with exception of Taekwondo and similar styles.

On the other hand, martial artists often neglect other, much more important areas, like ankles, hip flexors, hamstrings, pelvic floor or thoratic spine. Continue reading

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“Arrow Palm” (Jin Jeung)

Arrow Palm/War Palm (Jin Jeung)“Arrow Palm” (Jin Jeung), also called “War Palm” (same pronunciation but different Chinese character) is an old Southern Chinese set from the Southern Siu Lam monastery.

When the monastery was burned down, the last abbot of the temple, Ji Sin Sim Si, fled to the Gwong Dung province and hid in the “Red Junks” of the Chinese opera (Hung Syun Hei Baan ), where he taught (among other martial arts skills ) Jin Jeung. Continue reading

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Hung Ga Kyun’s “Eight Trigrams Long Pole” (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan)

Ng Long’s Eight Trigrams Long Pole (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan)The 4 most famous sets with the “single-ended” long pole (Daan Tau Gwan) are “Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk Dim Bun Gwan), “The Flowing Water Long Pole” (Lau Seui Gwan), “Left-Handed Fisherman´s Long Pole (Jo Sau Diu Yu Gwan) and the “Ng Long’s Eight Trigrams Long Pole” (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan).

It is often called simply “Eight Trigrams Long Pole” (Baat Gwa Gwan) and it is probably the most famous and most important weapon of the Hung Kyun system.

Brief History of Baat Gwa Gwan

Its roots reach all the way to the Sung dynasty (Song, 960-1279) and general Yeung Ng Long, the fifth son of a Marshall from the Yeung family, famous for its “Yeung family spear” (Yeung Ga Cheung), “the King of all Weapons”. Continue reading

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