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Pavel Macek Sifu's Practical Hung KyunIf rational, systematical approach is a secret, you already know it. That is how you learned to read and write, that is how you learned a foreign language or to drive a car (hopefully!).

Key to the success? Good teacher, good student and good method!

“Every monastery has its Buddha; every horse has its rider; every Sifu has his own method.” Our Practical Hung Kyun Intensive Training Courses (and the our teaching method in general) are based on following design:

  • Systematical deconstruction: Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) wrote: “As to the methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” So – first things first. Practical Hung Kyun puts huge emphasis on a) fundamentals b) drills c) principles.
  • Selection of the most important skills/techniques: Pareto principe (20/80) applied to martial arts: Which 20% of the skills and techniques will get me 80% outcome?
  • Practical Hung Kyun - No Nonsense!Rational Progression: Organising the skills and techniques in optimal order – Kindergarten, Elementary School, High School, University, PhD… Not the other way around. That is a design of our Practical Hung Kyun Curriculum, lessons, Intensive Training Courses and Graduation system.
  • Participant Limit: Semiprivate design, individual approach, personal attention of the Chief Instructor and his Assistant Instructors. You are not going to hide in the crowd.

Check out our offer of Practical Hung Kyun Intensive Training Courses

  • Time and deadline: Let’s do not waste each other time, work hard and smart and get the job done. Our Intensive Training Courses are very demanding – they take couple of days (usually 3, 5 or 7), 6-8 hours of learning every day.
  • Demands: Classical Chinese saying goes: “Courage first, power second, skill third” (Yat Daam, Yi Lik, Saam Gung Fu). Our Practical Hung Kyun Graduation system put heavy emphasis on strength/conditioning and reality-based application. If we can make you stronger and have more courage (using our progressive and systematical methodology), your Gung Fu will be better, period.
  • Practical Hung Kyun Intensive Courses ManualsSystematical Synthesis: The content of our courses is summarized in accompanying Intensive Training Course Manual, available only to the participants of our courses and lessons – techniques, concepts, techniques, strength and conditioning program, Chinese names etc., ie. complete package and all the necessary info, based on years of intensive training and research.
  • Extras: Additional info and full support for our Practical Hung Kyun Instructors-in-Training and Instructors – teaching methodology, class structure, coaching, mentoring, marketing etc.

Check out our offer of Practical Hung Kyun Intensive Training Courses

  • Practical Hung Kyun Fundamental Training
  • Practical Hung Kyun Street Self-Protection
  • Practical Hung Kyun Combat Theory & Application
  • Practical Hung Kyun Free Sparring System
  • Practical Hung Kyun Anti-Grappling: Counter MMA for the Street
  • Practical Hung Kyun Strength & Conditioning

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